10 Facts about Sadducees

You will be informed with a sect of Jews on Facts about Sadducees. In 2nd century BCE, the group was established during the Second Temple period in Judea. It ended in 70 CE during the destruction of the Temple. The roles in the sect were determined according to the religious, social and political posts. Some had the responsibility to maintain the temple. Josephus was used to identify this religious group. Here are other important facts about Sadducees to notice:

Facts about Sadducees 1: other sects

The Essenes and Pharisees are the sects compared to the Sadducees. All of them presented the contemporaneous characteristics.

Facts about Sadducees 2: the extinction

In 70 CE, Herod’s Temple was destroyed in Jerusalem, which marked the extinction of Sadducees. However, there was a speculation, which stated that the Sadducaic views were present in the later Karaites.

Sadducees Image

Sadducees Image

Facts about Sadducees 3: what is the Second Temple Period?

Second Temple Period is defined as a period in ancient Israel. The beginning of this period was in 516 BCE when the Second Temple was constructed in Jerusalem. The end of this period was in 70 CE when the Romans destroyed the temple.

Facts about Sadducees 4: the rule

The ruler during the Second Temple Period was altered a number of times.  At first, Jerusalem was controlled by the Persians. Then it was conquered by Alexander during the Hellenistic period.

Sadducees Pic

Sadducees Pic

Facts about Sadducees 5: Hellenistic influence

Hellenistic influence was found at that time which could be found on how to the ancient people admired the human body and appreciated Greek theater.

Facts about Sadducees 6: the death of Alexander

In 323 BCE, Alexander died. The empire was divided between Alexander’s generals who tried to control the empire. In 301 BCE, Judea was controlled by the Ptolemies. In 200 BCE, it was controlled by the Seleucids.



Facts about Sadducees 7: the peace

The peace in Judea was disrupted by King Antiochus Epiphanes of Syria when a temple of Jerusalem was desecrated. The Jews were forced by the king to violate the Torah. In 164 BCE, the Seleucids had to deal with the rebellion conducted by the Maccabees.

Facts about Sadducees 8: the leaders of the Maccabees

Mattathias the Hasmonean and Judah the Maccabee were the leaders of the rebel groups against the Seleucids.

Facts about Sadducees

Facts about Sadducees

Facts about Sadducees 9: the rule of The Maccabean

Until 63 BCE, Judea was ruled by the Maccabean. Jerusalem was conquered by the Roman general Pompey because he was uncomfortable with the growth of power that the Maccabean had.

Facts about Sadducees 10: Roman Judea

The Second Temple Period ended after the Roman Judea was established as a province in 6th CE under the Roman rule.

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