10 Facts about Sacraments

You will be informed with a Christian rite on facts about sacraments.  The Christians have a numbers of views related to the importance of a sacrament. Augustine of Hippo formulated a sacrament applied by many Christian denominations such as Lutheran, Catholic, Anglican, Reformed, and Methodist. There are seven sacraments identified by the Catholic Church.  Christening is spotted by having Baptism.  Others include Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, Marriage, Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. Confession or Penance is included in Reconciliation. The Holy Communion is referred to Eucharist. Let me show you other interesting facts about sacraments below:

Facts about Sacraments 1: other denominations

Other denominations, which believe the seven sacraments, were Oriental Orthodox Church and Eastern Orthodox Church. However, the mysterion is also applied to the rites.

Facts about Sacraments 2: protestant denominations

Two sacraments are identified by the protestant denominations. They are Baptism and Holy Communion or Eucharist.

Sacrament Facts

Sacrament Facts

Facts about Sacraments 3: Lutheran sacraments

Lutheran sacraments include Holy Communion, Baptism and Confession. The latter one is the third sacrament.

Facts about Sacraments 4: Anglican and Methodist

Baptism and Supper of the Lord are included in the two sacraments of the Christ in Anglicans and Methodists. Both of them are considered as the Sacraments of the Gospel. Extreme Unction, Matrimony, Orders, Penance and Confirmation are included in five sacraments. However, they are not the Sacraments of the Gospel.

Sacrament Image

Sacrament Image

Facts about Sacraments 5: the record of sacraments in middle Ages

Latin was used to record sacraments in middle Ages. In the 20th century, the practice of using Latin was continued by the ecclesiastical leaders even though reformation had ended.

Facts about Sacraments 6: the importance of sacraments

Even though not all individuals need to have sacraments, it is seen as a form of salvation according to the Catholic Church.



Facts about Sacraments 7: the major sacraments

There are seven major sacraments in Eastern Orthodox.  The special services and blessings are also conducted to complete the rituals.

Facts about Sacraments 8: the term

Sacred Mystery is a preferable term used by the Orthodox communion to call the sacraments.

Facts about Sacrament

Facts about Sacrament

Facts about Sacraments 9: materials

There are various materials used by the God to touch the humankind according to the belief of Orthodox. They include icons, altars, candles, incense, oil, bread, wine and water.

Facts about Sacraments 10: sacraments of Methodist and Anglican

The sacramental theology of Methodist and Anglican was rotted from Protestant Reformation and Catholic tradition.

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