10 Facts about Sabbath

A day for a rest and worship is elaborated on Facts about Sabbath. This day is observed from Friday evening to Saturday evening according to the Exodus 20:8. The Abrahamic religions have Sabbath as their holy day of the week. However, the practices of Sabbath are varied depending on the religions. According to Hebrew calendar week, Sabbath falls on the 7th day. It is on Saturday where people have to take a rest and pray for God.

Facts about Sabbath 1: Jewish Shabbat

The observance of Sabbath in Jews begins from sundown of Friday until the Saturday night where people can see three stars on the sky. It is noted as the weekly day of rest.

Facts about Sabbath 2: the Christians

The minority of Christians also observe Sabbath day.

Facts about Shabbat

Facts about Shabbat

Facts about Sabbath 3: Tractate Shabbat

Tractate Shabbat or Talmud guides the Jews related to the prohibited activities during Sabbath. It contains 39 prohibited activities.

Facts about Sabbath 4: candles

Candle is an important symbol during Sabbath. The Jews will light candles before the sunset.



Facts about Sabbath 5: Shabbaton

Shabbaton is an important term for the people who live in contemporary Israel. This program is focused on the celebration of Shabbat.

Facts about Sabbath 6: who holds the event?

The event of Shabbaton will be held by various groups, communities, charitable organizations, schools, single groups, youth groups and schools.

Shabbat Challos

Shabbat Challos

Facts about Sabbath 7: the importance of Shabbaton

Shabbaton is not only a celebration, but also an education for the members related to the importance of observing Shabbat. Thus, it is not only a retreat.

Facts about Sabbath 8: how to observe Shabbat

The people will recite blessing and lighting candles before the sunset. They also have three festive meals. Each meal will be held in the evening, early afternoon and late afternoon. The Jews will have Kiddush or a blessing to start the evening meal. Then they will have two loaves of challah when reciting another blessing. The havdalah blessing will end Shabbat.

Shabbat Facts

Shabbat Facts

Facts about Sabbath 9: a festive day

Jews view Sabbath as a festive day. It gives them a full one day to enjoy the spiritual life without having to do the regular labor.

Facts about Sabbath 10: the preparation day

Before Jews celebrate Shabbat, they made preparation by having a haircut, bathing, decorating the house with flowers and cleaning it.

Shabbat candles

Shabbat candles

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