10 Facts about Saddam Hussein

Facts about Saddam Hussein will inform us with the fifth president of Iraq. He was born circa 1937 and died on December 30th, 2006. His full name was Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti. He was in the office from July 16th, 1979 until April 9th, 2003. Ba’ath Party was a revolutionary Arabic Socialist party where Saddam was a prominent member. The party earned the top spot in Iraq after the coup of 1968. The event later was called 17 July Revolution. Check other facts about Saddam by reading the below post:

Facts about Saddam Hussein 1: vice president

Before he became a president, Saddam was a vice president for General Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr. He was capable for solving the conflict of armed forces and government.

Facts about Saddam Hussein 2: controlling the asset

A number of industries in Iraq were nationalized by Saddam in the beginning of 1970s. It included the oil industry. He also controlled banks owned by the state.

Facts about Saddam Hussein

Facts about Saddam Hussein

Facts about Saddam Hussein 3: the growth of Iraq economy

The rapid pace of growth on Iraq’s economy was mainly driven by the oil money in 1970s. The Sunni Arabs were the minority group, which controlled most important positions in Iraq. Their population only accounted for one-fifth of the people.

Facts about Saddam Hussein 4: the formal power

In 1979, Saddam became the formal leader of Iraq with great power. He had become the de factor head of Iraq several years ago. He was capable to maintain his power by suppressing the movements by the Kurdish and Shi’a.

Saddam Hussein Picture

Saddam Hussein Picture

Facts about Saddam Hussein 5: dictatorship

Saddam was always known as a dictator. It was believed that he had conducted genocides and purges to secure his power on the Iraq government. The lowest estimation of death toll reached 250,000 people.

Facts about Saddam Hussein 6: invasion

Saddam was tried to depose from his position as leader of Iraq by the coalition forces in 2003. United States served as the leader of coalition.

Saddam Hussein Facts

Saddam Hussein Facts

Facts about Saddam Hussein 7: accusation of Saddam

Saddam was accused by President George W. Bush and Tony Blair, British PM for mass destruction weapon possession.

Facts about Saddam Hussein 8: trial

On 13th December 2003, Saddam was captured. The Iraqi Interim Government was established as Saddam’s party was disbanded.

Saddam Hussein Stamp

Saddam Hussein Stamp

Facts about Saddam Hussein 9: execution

On December 30th, 2006, Saddam was executed after he was sentenced to death by hanging.

Facts about Saddam Hussein 10: expensive goods

Saddam was in favor with expensive and luxury goods. He had sent a full presents consisted of TV, ornaments and rugs for Kenneth Kaunda, his ally.

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