10 Fun Facts about Sacagawea

One of the prominent historical figures in America is explained on Fun Facts about Sacagawea. She was born on May 1788 and died on 20th December 1812. Her name is also spelled as Sacajawea or Sakakawea. People who read the history of America always relate her life with the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The famous mission for them was to explore Louisiana Territory. This Lemhi Shoshone woman helped Louis and Clark to explore the area from North Dakota to Pacific Ocean by traveling more than thousands of miles in 1804 until 1806. Let us find out other interesting facts about Sacagawea below:

Fun Facts about Sacagawea 1: as a symbol

Sacagawea symbolizes the independence and worth of women adopted by the National American Woman Suffrage Association in the beginning of 20th century.

Fun Facts about Sacagawea 2: the story

The story of Sacagawea’s achievement during the mission was spread by the feminists to inspire other women. People also honor her by having some plaques and statues.

Facts about Sacagawea

Facts about Sacagawea

Fun Facts about Sacagawea 3: the posthumous honor

The National Cowgirl Hall of Fame featured Sacagawea’s name in 1977. You can visit Fort Worth, Texas to know her inducted name.

Fun Facts about Sacagawea 4: the title

Bill Clinton was the then-president of United States who awarded Sacagawea posthumously with the title Honorary Sergeant, Regular Army in 2001.

Sacagawea Facts

Sacagawea Facts

Fun Facts about Sacagawea 5: the early life

It was hard to find out the complete details about her early life. It was believed that she was a Lemhi Shoshone who settled in Lemhi County.

Fun Facts about Sacagawea 6: being kidnapped

A group of Hidatsa kidnapped her and other girls in 1800. She was only 12 years old. She was taken to a Hidatsa village as a captive.

Sacagawea Grave

Sacagawea Grave

Fun Facts about Sacagawea 7: Toussaint Charbonneau

A Quebecois trapper named Toussaint Charbonneau who lived in a Hidatsa village made Sacagawea his wife. She was 13 at that time. The report found out that Sacagawea was the prize of his victory when gambling.

Fun Facts about Sacagawea 8: pregnancy

In 1804, Lewis and Clark spent their winter near Hidatsa villages where Sacagawea was pregnant with her first child.



Fun Facts about Sacagawea 9: a guide or interpreter

Some trappers were interviewed by Lewis and Clark for they would need a guide or interpreter during the journey. Charbonneau and Sacagawea were hired due to her ability to speak Shoshone.

Fun Facts about Sacagawea 10: nickname

Sacagawea was nicknamed Janey by Lewis. Her son was born on 11th February 1805. He was named Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.

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