10 Facts about Sadako Sasaki

We will show you the interesting Facts about Sadako Sasaki in the following post below. Sadako was recognized as a two-year old girl Japanese girl affected by the American atomic bombing during the Second World War. It took place nearby her home in Misasa Bridge on 6th August 1945. She was born on 7th January 1943 and died on 25th October 1955. She is often called as the bomb-affected person. In Japanese, the term is hibakusha. Let us find out other experiences of Sadako in the below post:

Facts about Sadako Sasaki 1: the story

The life story of Sadako has been narrated in one thousand origami cranes. Before she died in 1955, she had folded one thousands of crane origami.

Facts about Sadako Sasaki 2: the origami

The origami symbolizes the death of the innocent victims who died during the nuclear warfare, which took place in Hiroshima.

Facts about Sadako Sasaki

Facts about Sadako Sasaki

Facts about Sadako Sasaki 3: ground zero

Sadako’s location was only 1.2 miles or 2 km from the ground zero when the nuclear bombing took place. She was at home.

Facts about Sadako Sasaki 4: after the bombing

When the bombing took place, Sadako was blown out of the window. At first, her mother thought that Sadako was dead and went to look for her. However, there were no injuries found on her daughter.

Sadako Sasaki Statue

Sadako Sasaki Statue

Facts about Sadako Sasaki 5: black rain

The black rain occurred when Sadako and her mother try to flee from the area. She never saw her grandmother again when she rushed back to the house.

Facts about Sadako Sasaki 6: the growth

Sadako grew just like other girls in her school years after the bombing. She was also selected in the relay team of her class.

Sadako Sasaki Facts

Sadako Sasaki Facts

Facts about Sadako Sasaki 7: negative effect of the bomb

Sadako had swelling located behind the ears and neck in November 1954. Her legs had purpura in January 1955.

Facts about Sadako Sasaki 8: the diagnose

The doctor diagnosed her with acute malignant lymph gland leukemia. On 20th February 1955, she stayed in the hospital.

Sadako Sasaki

Sadako Sasaki

Facts about Sadako Sasaki 9: after the wars

The number of leukemia among children was increased years after the nuclear explosion. The radiation exposure was the cause of leukemia in the beginning of 1950s.

Facts about Sadako Sasaki 10: a legend

Sadako began to fold crane origami when she was in the hospital. A junior high school student, which shared the similar room, stated about a legend that a wish would be granted for those who folded a thousand origamis.

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