10 Facts about Sabeer Bhatia

Have you ever heard about Hotmail.com? This webmail is established by an Indian entrepreneur. His name is Sabeer Bhatia. He was born on December 30th, 1968. Before he had his own business, he had been employed as a hardware engineer at Apple Computer for a brief period. Then he worked for Firepower System Inc. Let us check the complete facts about Sabeer Bhatia below:

Facts about Sabeer Bhatia 1: Hotmail

On July 4th, 1996, Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, his colleague founded Hotmail. It was launched during the Independence Day of United States to highlight the freedom of the users. Hotmail is very different from the ISP-based e-mail for the users are allowed to check their inbox from anywhere.

Facts about Sabeer Bhatia 2: the users

Can you tell the users who become the members of Hotmail? The reports stated that 360 million users were registered on Hotmail as of July 2011.

Facts about sabeer bhatia

Facts about sabeer bhatia

Facts about Sabeer Bhatia 3: acquisition

In 1998, Microsoft acquired Hotmail. Before the acquisition, Bhatia served as the CEO and President of Hotmail.

Facts about Sabeer Bhatia 4: working for Microsoft

After Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft, Bhatia worked for the company for a year.

sabeer bhatia Hotmail

sabeer bhatia Hotmail

Facts about Sabeer Bhatia 5: leaving Microsoft

Bhatia established an e-commerce firm called Arzoo Inc. He had this venture after leaving Microsoft in April 1999.

Facts about Sabeer Bhatia 6: JaxtrSMS

JaxtrSMS was developed by Bhatia. However, it was not as successful as Hotmail. He claimed that JaxtrSMS would give the users more benefits related to the data plan.

sabeer bhatia

sabeer bhatia

Facts about Sabeer Bhatia 7: honor

Bhatia is one of the notable persons in the industry of computer.  He was called Entrepreneur of the Year 1997 by Draper Fisher Jurvetson. It is a venture capital firm.

Facts about Sabeer Bhatia 8: Eta Kappa Nu

Due to his status as an undergraduate student, his name was inducted on Eta Kappa Nu.

Hotmail Inbox

Hotmail Inbox

Facts about Sabeer Bhatia 9: as an innovator

Bhatia was called as a great innovator with his Hotmail. Thus, he was included in the list of 100 young innovators according to MIT due to his greatest impact on technology. Therefore, he earned TR100.

Facts about Sabeer Bhatia 10: as an entrepreneur

In 1998, Bhatia was included in the list of top 10 most successful entrepreneurs according to POV Magazine and San Jose Mercury News.

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