Top 10 Facts about Sacramento California

Look at Facts about Sacramento California if you want to know a capital city in California, US. The Sacramento County is located in the city. In United States, Sacramento is the 35th largest city. In California, it is the 6th largest city. The report found out that Sacramento was a home for 485,199 people in 2014. According to the report in 2010, Sacramento Metropolitan Area was occupied by 2,414,783 people. Let us find out other interesting facts about Sacramento California below:

Facts about Sacramento California 1: the title

Sacramento was called as the Most Diverse City in America in Time Magazine according to the Civil Rights Project of Harvard University in 2002.

Facts about Sacramento California 2: the role of Sacramento in Gold Rush

Sacramento played a prominent role during the Gold Rush in California. It became the center of agriculture, commerce and distribution point.  The Pony Express, riverboats, stagecoaches and wagon trains had their terminus in Sacramento.

Facts about Sacramento California

Facts about Sacramento California

Facts about Sacramento California 3: the name of the city

The name of the city is inspired from Sacramento River, which can be found at the western region. Gabriel Moraga was the cavalry officer of Spain who named the river Santísimo Sacramento.

Facts about Sacramento California 4: educational institutions

Sacramento is a home to a number of educational institutions such as University of California Davis, University of the Pacific and California State University, Sacramento. UC Davis Medical Center is operated by the former university.

Sacramento California Bridge

Sacramento California Bridge

Facts about Sacramento California 5: the top companies

The top companies based in Sacramento are Blue Diamond Growers, Sutter Health, the McClatchy Company, Teichert and Aerojet.

Facts about Sacramento California 6: the top employers

Can you guess the top employers of Sacramento? State of California is the highest employer with 69,763 employees. It is followed by Sacramento Count, UC Davis Health System and Dignity Health. Intel takes the fifth place with 6,633 employees.

Sacramento California Capitol

Sacramento California Capitol

Facts about Sacramento California 7: Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento is considered as the oldest part in town. The historic buildings in the area were dated back in 1850s and 1960s. You can also spot cobbled streets.

Facts about Sacramento California 8: the historic buildings

The historic buildings to visit in Sacramento include the Eagle Theatre, Lady Adams Building and Hastings building.

Sacramento California History

Sacramento California History

Facts about Sacramento California 9: Sacramento Convention Center Complex

Sacramento Convention Center Complex is the famous theater in the city. Memorial Auditorium and Community Center Theater are housed in the complex.

Facts about Sacramento California 10: Crocker Art Museum

The oldest public art museum in the city is Crocker Art Museum.

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