10 Facts about Saigon

Facts about Saigon tell the readers about the most populous city in Vietnam. Today, the city is called Ho Chi Minh City. Prey Nokor was the name of the city before the Vietnamese annexed the city in 17th century.  French colony of Cochinchina was established in Vietnam where Saigon earned the status as the capital. In 1955 until 1975, Saigon became the capital of South Vietnam after it gained independence. Here are other interesting facts about Saigon:

Facts about Saigon 1: the new name

Ho Chi Minh City was selected as the new name for Saigon after it merged with Gia Định Province on July 2nd, 1976. It was renamed to honor Hồ Chí Minh, the revolutionary leader of Vietnam.

Facts about Saigon 2: metropolitan area

Biên Hòa, Ho Chi Minh City metropolitan area, Thuận An, Dĩ An, and Vũng Tàu are included in the metropolitan area of Saigon. In Vietnam, it earns the status as the most populous metropolitan area. It is a home for 10 million people. An estimation related to the population of the metropolitan area is conducted by the officials. By 2025, it will be occupied by 13.9 million people.

Facts about Saigon

Facts about Saigon

Facts about Saigon 3: the origin of Saigon

Saigon was originally called Prey Nokor, which means Forest City.  It probably also means Royal City according to a Khmer Chronicle. It was known as a fishing village.

Facts about Saigon 4: the native people

The native people who settled in Prey Nokor were the Khmer people. They had lived here for centuries. Then the Vietnamese came and took over the city.

Saigon 1859

Saigon 1859

Facts about Saigon 5: Khmer folklore

The invasions and pillaging of Khmer villages occurred between the Vietnamese and Khmer people. Therefore, a Khmer prince and a Vietnamese princess were married to stop the war. The dowry for Vietnamese government was southern Vietnam according to the Khmer folklore.

Facts about Saigon 6: climate

Saigon has tropical climate. It has 78 to 82 percent of humidity rate. The climate is defined by the tropical dry and wet conditions.

Saigon Map 1815

Saigon Map 1815

Facts about Saigon 7: the temperature

In January, Saigon has the lowest temperature at 57 degrees F or 13.8 degree C. The highest temperature is spotted in April with 104 degree F or 40 degrees C.

Facts about Saigon 8: executive branch

Saigon has 13 members in the executive branch called People’s Committee. Nguyễn Thành Phong is the current chairman.



Facts about Saigon 9: the legislative branch

The legislative branch has 95 members who sit on Ho Chi Minh City People’s Council. Nguyễn Thị Quyết Tâm is the current chairwoman.

Facts about Saigon 10: judiciary branch

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Court is the judiciary branch in Saigon. Ung Thị Xuân Hương is the current judge.

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