10 Facts about Sagrada Familia

You will be informed with a famous basilica located in Barcelona.  Antoni Gaudi is the Catalan architect who designed the building. It has the official name of Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família. It earned the status as a minor basilica after it was proclaimed and consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI in November 2010. Sagrada Familia is not a basilica for there is no bishop seated here. Let us check other interesting facts about Sagrada Familia below:

Facts about Sagrada Familia 1: Francisco Paula de Villar

Francisco Paula de Villar was the architect commenced the construction of this basilica in 1882. He resigned, as the head architect after Gaudi was involved in the project.

Facts about Sagrada Familia 2: transformation

Gaudi decided to combine the Art Nouveau and Gothic styles after he took over the project. The engineering and architectural designs are different.

Facts about Sagrada Familia

Facts about Sagrada Familia

Facts about Sagrada Familia 3: death

In 1926, Gaudi died at the age of 73. He devoted his last years to complete the building. However, the project was only completed less than 15 percent at the time of his death.

Facts about Sagrada Familia 4: the architecture

The architecture of Sagrada Familia is well appreciated by many critics in the world. It will be hard to find out a church just like Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia Model

Sagrada Familia Model

Facts about Sagrada Familia 5: exploration

There are many places to explore in Sagrada Familia. The people can visit the Passion and Nativity towers, Museum, Crypt, Shop and Nave.

Facts about Sagrada Familia 6: the private donation

The private donation is mainly used to fund the construction of Sagrada Familia. The official church or even government does not provide any fund for it during the initial construction.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Facts about Sagrada Familia 7: paying the work

The work of Sagrada Familia is also funded from the money collected from the tickets bought by the tourists. The Friends of the Sagrada Familia is the organization, which collects the private donations to complete the work of this building.

Facts about Sagrada Familia 8:  budget

The budget for constructing Sagrada Familia in 2009 reached €18 million.

Sagrada Familia Pictures

Sagrada Familia Pictures

Facts about Sagrada Familia 9: the Glory Façade

The Glory Facade is considered as the most striking feature on the facade of Sagrada Familia.

Facts about Sagrada Familia 10: geometry

It seems that Gaudi was interested with Cubism and Geometry. The latter one is found on the tops of Nativity facade.

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