10 Facts about Sacre Coeur

Facts about Sacre Coeur tell the readers about the famous Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris.   This Roman Catholic Church is located in Paris, France. It is used to honor Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. This building is often called as Sacré-Cœur or Sacré-Cœur Basilica. The highest point in Paris is located at the summit butte Montmartre where it features the basilica. It is not only a religious symbol, but also a cultural and political symbol for it serves as a monument too.  Get other interesting facts about Sacre Coeur below:

Facts about Sacre Coeur 1: the designer

Paul Abadie is the designer of Sacre Coeur. In 1875, the construction of the basilica started. In 1914, the construction was completed. In 1919, the basilica was consecrated at the latter part of the First World War.

Facts about Sacre Coeur 2: the design inspiration

The proclamation day of Third Republic inspired the design of Sacre Coeur. During the Franco-Prussian War, the defeat of French soldiers was attributed in a speech delivered by Bishop Fournier.

Facts about Sacre Coeur

Facts about Sacre Coeur

Facts about Sacre Coeur 3: the importance of the basilica

Sacre Coeur is very important to commemorate the lives of the 58,000 soldiers who had died in the war.

Facts about Sacre Coeur 4: the architect

As I have stated before, Paul Abadie was the architect who won the competition and defeated other 77 architects who participated in the competition.

Sacre Coeur Facts

Sacre Coeur Facts

Facts about Sacre Coeur 5: the foundation stone

On June 16, 1875, the foundation stone was laid on the site of the building. It marked the beginning of the construction.

Facts about Sacre Coeur 6: the death of Abadie

In 1884, Paul Abadie passed away. It was not long after the installation of the basilica’s foundation. Therefore, the construction of Sacre Coeur was continued by five architects. In 1884 until 1886, Honoré Daumet worked on the building. Then it was continued by Jean-Charles Laisné until 1891. The next work was conducted by Henri-Pierre-Marie Rauline from 1891 until 1904. Lucien Magne and Jean-Louis Hulot worked on Sacre Coeur in 1904 until 1916 and 1916 until 1924 respectively.

Sacre Coeur Pic

Sacre Coeur Pic

Facts about Sacre Coeur 7: the construction cost

The construction cost for Sacre Coeur reached 7 million French francs.

Facts about Sacre Coeur 8: the source of cost

Sacre Coeur was funded mostly by the private donation.

Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur

Facts about Sacre Coeur 9: the main funding

The main funding was achieved from the pilgrimage donation after the provisional chapel was consecrated.

Facts about Sacre Coeur 10: National Assembly

Then National Assembly was responsible for the funding of Sacre Coeur.

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