10 Facts about Sacraments

Sacrament Facts

You will be informed with a Christian rite on facts about sacraments.  The Christians have a numbers of views related to the importance of a sacrament. Augustine of Hippo formulated a sacrament applied by many Christian denominations such as Lutheran, Catholic, Anglican, Reformed, and Methodist. There are seven sacraments identified by the Catholic Church.  Christening is spotted by having Baptism.  […]

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10 Facts about Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

The Nazi concentration camp was a horror for Jewish people.  One of the camps to hold the political prisoners was Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. The location was in Oranienburg, Germany. It was operated in 1936 until May 1945. The Soviet controlled the camp after the second world war ended. Until 1950, it was functioned as a NKVD special camp. Today, Sachsenhausen […]

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10 Facts about Sacco and Vanzetti

Facts about Sacco and Vanzetti

Look at Facts about Sacco and Vanzetti to get the interesting information about the Italian-born American anarchists. An armed robbery at the Slater and Morrill Shoe Company in Braintree, Massachusetts, US took place on 15th April 1920. A paymaster and a guard were killed during a robbery. The accused ones in the robbery were Bartolomeo Vanzetti and Nicola Sacco. Seven […]

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