10 Facts about Saigon

Facts about Saigon

Facts about Saigon tell the readers about the most populous city in Vietnam. Today, the city is called Ho Chi Minh City. Prey Nokor was the name of the city before the Vietnamese annexed the city in 17th century.  French colony of Cochinchina was established in Vietnam where Saigon earned the status as the capital. In 1955 until 1975, Saigon […]

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10 Facts about Sage

Facts about Sage

Let us explore the information about the perennial evergreen subshrub on Facts about Sage. The biological name is Salvia officinalis. The common name is culinary sage, common sage, sage or garden sage. The flowers are from blue to purple. It has grayish leaves and woody stems. Sage is indigenous to Mediterranean areas. It is included in the mint family of […]

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