Facts about the Sacred Thread Ceremony

10 Facts about the Sacred Thread Ceremony

Post On: April 13, 2017
By: Ramli

Let us check Facts about the Sacred Thread Ceremony by reading the following post. This ceremony is often called Upanayana. It is conducted when a guru or teacher accepted a student to follow a school..

Sacrament Facts

10 Facts about Sacraments

Post On: April 11, 2017
By: Ramli

You will be informed with a Christian rite on facts about sacraments.  The Christians have a numbers of views related to the importance of a sacrament. Augustine of Hippo formulated a sacrament applied by many..

Facts about Shabbat

10 Facts about Sabbath

Post On: April 1, 2017
By: Ramli

A day for a rest and worship is elaborated on Facts about Sabbath. This day is observed from Friday evening to Saturday evening according to the Exodus 20:8. The Abrahamic religions have Sabbath as their..